Letter: Beem doesn't tell Whole Foods truth

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Edgar Allen Beem says he “could buy (albeit more expensively) at Whole Foods if I could stomach the conservative politics if its owner, John Mackey.”

Beem once again regurgitates the progressive talking points with regard to “conservatives.” I am a conservative. Unlike Beem, I do my homework before condemning a person’s political stand. In the case of John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, he offered eight suggestions to lower health-care costs. I suggest that everyone read Mackey’s entire statement. Beem does not have to agree with Mackey. However, he must check his facts before passing judgment. Any American can disagree with the current health-care bill and make intelligent suggestions. In past columns, Beem has consistently reacted to the term “conservative” as abhorrently distasteful, often resorting to name calling. I may not agree with Beem and the progressive movement, but I respect his right as an American to express himself without calling him names.

Lin White