Letter: Beem displays the traits he bashes

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Edgar Allen Beem’s visceral hatred for Gov. Paul LePage is evident if hard to fathom. Mr. Beem and his ilk hate LePage despite the fact he is a self-made man who overcame hardship to become a success in business and politics. Though LePage has an MBA, probably as high or higher a level of education as Mr. Beem, Mr. Beem has called him a “moron.” It’s one thing to disagree, and another to hate.

His July 17 column reveals Mr. Beem also hates our form of government, because it does not always produce the result he likes. The governor’s exercise of his constitutionally provided veto power makes him a “dictator” in Beemworld. The founders were wiser. They provided the veto so a governor could check legislative errors and excesses, as Gov. LePage has done, unless a super majority votes to override. Mr. Beem pouts that the Legislature for the most part sustained the governor. Welcome to constitutional democracy, Mr. Beem.

The crowning irony is that Mr. Beem’s column, after repeating the character assassinations of Gov. LePage that are his trademark, laments that civility in public debate is gone, saying, “it used to be that you could disagree on issues without vilifying those with whom you disagreed.” Quite right, Mr. Beem, but it is you and your fellow self-proclaimed bright people on the left who have led the way in character assassination and caustic rhetoric against anyone holding a contrary opinion.

Bryan Dench