Letter: Beem cracks him up

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Edgar Allen Beem’s column is always a hoot. Unless he rides a bike to get to Trader Joe’s, he is helping the evil multinational oil company stockholders, like the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (whose largest equity holding is ExxonMobil) acquire their grossly unfair profits. Of course, if he is fueling up at CITGO, then he is bravely standing up for the poor struggling masses in Venezuela, by financing the state-owned oil company that Hugo Chavez uses as his personal piggy bank to buy advanced weapons systems from friends of our enemies. Those shoes he likes to purchase from Zappos, made by workers in Bangladesh who earn 32 cents a day, arrive here the next day via an airplane made by the publicly owned company that makes the F-22 Raptor that keeps murdering all the innocent groomsmen, accessorized with AK-47s, at Taliban weddings and that also manufacturers the new taxpayer-owned 707 that loud-speaker Pelosi uses for commuting.

Thanks Edgar, keep up the good work.

Leo Soucek