Letter: Beem can't deal with the reality of Trump

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Edgar Allen Beem rarely writes anything I agree with and his column, “Dreamers are Americans,” fails to disappoint. This typical tirade makes two things very clear: Beem thinks any person who wants to live in America illegally has the right to be here, while everyone who voted for Donald Trump is unqualified, angry, bitter, and stuck to old and worn-out ways.

I’m not feeling the love here. So much for the facade of diversity, openness, love, peace, and all those virtues some progressives like Beem claim to favor. It is stunning just how the gloves have come off and real motives and intentions have surfaced in the words and actions of some left-leaning Americans like Beem since Trump was elected president.

It is apparent Beem really believes the caustic comments he has made about conservatives, and he relishes an opportunity to vent his profound frustration that a free election has produced an administration that scares him to death. Those who didn’t vote for President Obama winced and wistfully waited for the day when he wasn’t America’s president any longer, but I don’t recall the nasty vitriol considered mainstream thinking in some progressive circles today. These are the days of Trump. Let those who oppose him and his policies, including Beem, deal with this reality without calling every supporter of Trump unkind names. There’s an election scheduled in 2020, and you’ll have your chance for vindication.

John D. Wentworth