Letter: Beem blasts the messenger

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Edgar Allen Beem’s column on national TV and radio host Glenn Beck is the Left’s most common reaction to anything they disagree with: attack the messenger. Usually with ad hominem insults.

Besides calling Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and tens of millions in their audiences “stupid,” “evil” and “weak-minded,” one of Beem’s first attacks on both broadcast icons is that they’re “uneducated.” He seems to equate “education” with “accomplishment” – presumably one of the reasons he voted for our president – yet history is full of self-educated individuals who have accomplished greatness. Education also has absolutely nothing to do with wisdom; a basic truth most clearly illustrated by the fact that society’s highest concentration of fools is often academia.

Beem asserts that Beck, “does not believe in equality.” This is because the Left is not interested in the founding fathers’ vision of equality of opportunity. They are only interested in equality of results. Anyone with roots in the great state of Maine would find such a concept preposterous.

On the other hand, if one doesn’t have the willingness to work, the talent to make it, or the confidence in one’s own ability to provide for oneself – or is blinded by jealousy of those who succeed on the basis of their exceptional effort – I can see where a philosophy advocating honest toil, fewer government handouts and increased personal responsibility would be a very frightening prospect.

Todd McLaren
Orr’s Island