Letter: Beem bites the hand that feeds

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I cannot understand why once again Edgar Allen Beem is allowed to use The Forecaster as a vehicle for his anti-capitalist views in his rant about Mitt Romney and “Corporate America.”
I would have to guess that the Sun Media Group, owner of The Forecaster, is one of those evil corporations. And I have to assume that Mr. Beem doesn’t write his column for free.
If you were to check the companies that advertise in The Forecaster, the ones that provide the source of revenue for Mr. Beem’s pay check, you would most likely find that a majority of them are corporations.Why they continue to advertise in a newspaper that allows one of it’s writers to continually slap them in the face is beyond me.
Beem obviously does not understand how businesses in America operate because the corporations are the providers of jobs, and the payers of taxes. But in his opinion it’s OK to criticize and demean some corporations as being evil, while he continues to work for one that derives a majority of it’s income from a variety of corporations. And no one seems to mind.
America is such a great country.

Peter Williams