Letter: Beem appeals to 'lowest common denominator'

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How much longer do you plan to let language like “dirt bags of the right” be a regular feature of your opinion page? Epithets like this invite opinions that Edgar Allen Beem is sinking into juvenile bullying and verbal abuse, not to mention lack of self-discipline and at least a modest degree of decorum. Civility? C’mon.

There is a point at which the regular use of such derisive language by featured columnists is an embarrassment to your otherwise worthy publication. Not to mention the comments frequently seen in response to such language.

You can consider how the regular appearance of such terminology reflects on your stewardship of The Forecaster. You don’t have circulation issues, like other papers, but if I was an advertiser, I’d certainly be rethinking my use of The Forecaster. Appealing to the lowest common denominator on one end of the political spectrum does not seem like a useful strategy, at least to me.

Pem Schaeffer