Letter: 'Battle of the Bay' lacked sportsmanship

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There are very few feelings more satisfying than watching your home team win a rival football game. The Freeport Falcons hosted the Yarmouth Clippers Oct. 22. This event was the third annual “Battle of the Bay,” and both teams had playoff considerations pending the outcome of this contest.

Freeport dressed 39 players, Yarmouth just 23. Yet Freeport could not contain Yarmouth’s team speed. Soon, the Clippers were ahead by three touchdowns. Freeport first displayed its frustration when a Falcon lineman had a momentary lapse of judgment that prompted his coach to yell, “Get out of the game – you’re finished for the day!”

Freeport displayed new-found vigor after halftime, but Yarmouth continued to score and led 43-to-6 with six minutes left. It was then that one massive Freeport player delivered a spearing blow well after a play to a Yarmouth player who was on his knees. Falcon players then stood over the Clipper, celebrating the big hit until Yarmouth coaches (not the officials) shooed the Falcons away. The head official informed the Yarmouth staff that the Falcon player was not ejected from the game, but that he would not return. An ejection would have resulted in him missing the following week’s playoff game.

My concern is with the official’s judgment. If a punishing, spearing late hit to the backside of a downed player followed by team taunting (a collegiate and NFL penalty) is not grounds for an ejection, what is?

Patrick Amoroso