Letter: Bath teacher personifies the profession

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Kudos to The Forecaster and Alex Lear’s article about Johnna Stanton, Sagadahoc County Teacher of The Year. And, of course, many kudos to her and Morse High School, where she imparts her obvious love of teaching to her students.

Being a teacher, that most noble of professions, too often fades into the background of more glamorous and lucrative jobs. One must not only love the process, but be imbued with the skill and passion to shape the minds and hearts of students. Stanton does that and has for 15 years.

As the father of a high school English teacher I admit a bias for this hard-working profession that labors not for money, but for the immense satisfaction that they have touched, shaped, and ultimately prepared a student for a world beyond high school.

As a resident of Sagadahoc County who works as a substitute teacher at Richmond High School, I would have been elated, yet not at all surprised, to have read that one of the Richmond High School staff had achieved this prestigious goal. I think, specifically, of two English teachers: Kelli Hlavacek and Kirsten Kenney, who personify the profession. As a substitute who stands in for extraordinary teachers such as Kelli and Kirsten, I realize that the youth of Richmond is in good hands. Space permitting, I would name other teachers to whom accolades should be accorded. Alas, I approach 250 words. In closing, thanks to all teachers who serve.

Fred Browne