Letter: Bath Iron Works shouldn't get state aid

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Thank you for Orlando Delogu’s column, “Enough is never enough for Bath Iron Works,” which lays out the facts one needs to reject LD 1781 in the state Legislature.

Maine’s infrastructure and human services needs are pressing and imperative for the well-being of working Mainers. The diversion of $60 million from those needs to General Dynamics, which pays its top four executives over $42 million a year, would be a tragic and wasteful policy. It is time to stop greedy corporate welfare.

Richard B. Lethem

  • jack bauer

    Mr. Lethem makes an excellent poinṫ̇. A one-time exception to taxes used as an incentive to draw business is one thing. Constant modifications to the tax code to benefit a specific business is another and seems more like corporate welfare being subsidized by the good taxpayers of Maine. I support a critical review of BIW subsides before authorizing any more gifts.

  • gvmeabrk

    I totally agree. Why is Maine and the City of Bath subsidizing the Navy ? GD and BIW have become a liability to the City of Bath. I talked to the City of Bath Assessor to find out exactly what funding GD and BIW provide to the Schools and City Services. No wonder the property taxes in Bath are so High. GD and BIW contribute very little considering the real property value. They also contribute very little when consider the number of employees that do not live in the area.