Letter: Bates joins Yarmouth race

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I was mildly shocked when a fellow Yarmouth resident told me that he was the only person who had taken out nomination papers for the Town Council. Then I was embarrassed. Embarrassed because my first reaction was, “Well, I wish I had more time to be on the Town Council, but shoot, I’m too busy.” Embarrassed because I know I can always say I am too busy. I certainly have taken that perspective in my past six years of residence in this fine town.

I have decided to stop being too busy. Because my civic duty did not click in before the candidacy papers were due, I am asking that you write in my name for Town Council. Let me help you: my name is Randall Bates and I was formerly too busy to assist my fellow Yarmouth residents by sitting on the Town Council.

I will be a tremendous advocate for the citizens of Yarmouth. I know this because I have been an effective negotiator and facilitator for my entire adult life. Not only have I had to negotiate favorable dispositions for my clients as an attorney, but I have also had to negotiate how many minutes of playing time my Yarmouth soccer, basketball, and baseball team players can have – all of which require a delicate touch!

I will not make the popular choices; I will make the right choices. I ask that on June 8 you make the right choice and write in my name (Randall Bates) for Town Council.

Randall J. Bates