Letter: Balentine's defense of Keillor evokes sarcasm

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I want to thank John Balentine for his well-thought out column on Garrison Keillor (“Keillor isn’t a Rose (or Lauer) by any other name”). The only slight imbalance came from giving Keillor’s side of the story and not that of his accuser. Honestly, though, it was such a carefully crafted argument, with so much evidence behind it, I don’t think we even need her side. Consider the irrefutable points Balentine made:

1 — It’s Garrison Keillor. We love Garrison Keillor. We’ve loved him for years. It is completely absurd to consider that a well-loved public figure could be guilty of sexual impropriety.

2 — Only one woman has come forward to accuse him. Therefore, it is not very likely to have happened.

3 — Anyway, it was years ago.

4 — And this one I find the most convincing: Keillor himself said that it was accidental. I believe him. If women insist on posing naked next to you for photographs, it is virtually impossible not to accidentally touch their bare skin.

I think Balentine’s point is proved. Keillor’s accuser is clearly jumping on the lucrative gravy train of women calling out men for sexual impropriety. We shouldn’t listen to her.

Or, wait a minute. Maybe Balentine’s response is why the problem is so rampant to begin with.

Leah Salow
South Portland