Letter: Balentine should take his own advice

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John Balentine began his recent column reasonably enough by urging an end to partisan name calling, getting to know someone with a differing viewpoint, and being more open minded. All refreshing and hopeful. But then it fell off a cliff.

He advocates knowing what we’re talking about before opining, but clearly fails to hold himself to this standard. Specifically, he notes spiraling costs of the Affordable Care Act without the context of the rates of premium increases before its inception. Then he asserts the ACA was Obama’s only notable achievement, apparently forgetting he came into office when the country was on the brink of a worldwide financial collapse. The Dream Act, efforts to limit carbon emissions, and any number of other achievements are dismissed as indecision and getting the country in a rut. Given Trump’s dismal cabinet choices, his hateful rhetoric, his ties to Russia, his business practices, and multiple other concerns, I see very little to be hopeful for in contemplating the upcoming four years.

Ann Morrill
South Portland