Letter: Balentine should ‘stay in the janitor’s closet’

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I have vast experience maintaining occupied settings (schools, hospitals, etc.) and would welcome a face-to-face chance to rebut columnist John Balentine’s assertion (“Here’s Something: Women suffer when bathrooms are unisex”) that women keep tidier bathrooms than men (urinals notwithstanding). I laughed out loud when I read such nonsense.

He cloaks his repulsive statements against transgender women under the blanket of seemingly innocent observations. But he is betrayed by the tattered napkin of unfamiliarity he used in his attempt. Using accurate terminology is the first step toward creating a respectful story about transgender people. Jenner’s name is Caitlyn, she is a transgender woman, and, the proper pronouns to use are “she” and “her.” Moreover, the illusion he presents as a fact, that transgender women urinate standing up, further encourages the opinion that he is destitute of knowledge and comprehension about transgender issues. He should stay in the janitor’s closet.

While there, he can do more research on the subject. The last thing a transgender woman wants to do is anything antagonistic to her gender identity. GLAD has a formidable Media Reference Guide he should tap into before disgorging his baseless opinions. Unisex bathrooms have been around for far longer than he intimates. Co-mingling the transgender issue with his opinion about the “disruption” brought by unisex bathrooms was an ill-advised adventure.

Jose Linares