Letter: Balentine correctly calls out the careless

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John Balentine’s recent column (“Here’s Something: Women suffer when bathrooms are unisex”) pointed out issues of mixed gender bathrooms many don’t consider, although there has never been much doubt that given a choice, women would steer well clear of a public toilet cubicle or even a sink used by unknown men.

I commend Balentine’s efforts to maintain hygienic and tidy restroom facilities during his time as a janitor in Windham and others in that position in stores, supermarkets, service stations, schools, etc. It is a thankless job, but a necessary one. Regarding the transgender community being “too happy to have earned societal acceptance to notice women’s plight” in using mixed facilities, I’d like to point out that transgender people in this sense are men or women, not simply “transgender.” A transgender woman would notice the difference in a sloppy, splashed-on, raised-seat, mixed-gender toilet as much as any other woman, and would very likely not feel particularly “happy” for the privilege.

But kudos to Balentine for being woke and publicly calling out his gender, whether trans or otherwise.

Stephanie Bath