Letter: As governor, Cutler will get things done

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Our political parties think leadership means pitting one half of Mainers against the other. But, they forget that that their “enemy” is also us – our neighbors, friends and families. The result? A government about “nothing.” Can you name one thing have they achieved in the last decade to significantly improve our future? It’s like having tellers at a bank so busy fighting that they can’t find time to deposit your paycheck.

I’m voting for independent Elliot Cutler for governor. He’s focused not on issues that divide us, but on the major goals that all Mainers share. He also realizes that getting things done matters more than wearing the colors of national parties that do little more than behave like spoiled children. The party establishment may try to convince you it’s a wasted vote, but the real waste would be four more years of nothing in Augusta. I hope you vote for him, too.

David W. Bertoni