Letter: Another case of left foot-in-mouth disease

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On Jan. 8, a man opened fire in a public space in Tuscon, Ariz., shooting 19 and killing 6. As with other senseless killings perpetrated by deranged individuals in this and other societies, it is impossible to derive a linear cause-and-effect relationship. That axiom, however, provides not even a small hurdle for the self-described intellectuals, those on the left who know precisely and so smugly that it was the violent rhetoric spewed by the right which caused the tragedy. Even when shown that there is not one scintilla of evidence proving such incendiary and partisan theories, they merely pivot and claim that while the rhetoric may not have been a direct cause, it clearly must have been an “indirect cause.” See The Universal Notebook, “Time to stop the crazy talk,” Jan. 19-21.

I’m an attorney. I use words for a living. The term “indirect cause” means absolutely nothing. I’m also a liberal. I think gay, black, handicapped manatees should be able to marry. And I am getting very tired of other liberals alienating pretty much everyone else in the country with their elitist, smug theories. No one, and I mean no one, enjoys being talked down to. This does not stop some liberals from lecturing to us all about the “undeniable” relationship between conservative rhetoric and all manner of social ills, including bullying and “hate” crimes. Here is a news flash – in a country that cherishes and protects free speech, some speech will be offensive to everyone.

Michael J. Waxman