Letter: Amorello column barks up the wrong tree

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Sandi Amorello begins a recent column with the unconvincing assertion: “I do not hate dogs,” then proceeds with what I found a very hateful article. She is certainly entitled to her opinion that dogs be deeply segregated from public life and whatever sacred ground (beach, restaurant) she happens to occupy, but she needs to realize the rights of those who love dogs, enjoy their company, and yes, actually consider them family members, are equal to hers and we are as entitled to enjoy dogs in public venues as she is to disdain them.

As to her mocking comments about men who love their dogs, I wonder if she would express these sentiments to the rescue workers of 9/11 who took their dogs into the bowels of Ground Zero or those in the military entering combat with dogs at their side? Dogs daily risk their lives, comfort the dying in hospitals, love the forgotten in nursing homes, and assist the handicapped – but they cannot walk along a public beach or enter some restaurant?

Dogs are selfless and compassionate creatures, put here by God to share the Earth and to have significant bonds with human beings. Yes, scores of us do have “relationships” with dogs and have respect, love, and appreciation for them.

Ms. Amorello is entitled to her sterile aspirations of a dog-free environment, but she should realize she is fighting a losing battle if she expects the many dog lovers in this state to hold dogs in the level of contempt she does.

Abby L. Wilson