Letter: Amorello, Beem on target

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Congratulations on the marvelous columns Sandy Amorello and Edgar Allen Beem.

Amorello”s “The case of the shrinking Saltines” manifests a fine wit and a superior power of observation, a power so wanting in kept mass media journalism, which misses such obvious happenings as (a) our revenge on largely Saudi Arabian terrorists by killing a million Iraqis, creating millions of refugees and homeless, and destroying the country, a visitation of wrath now moved to Afghanistan, where Colorado push-buttons antiseptically slaughter whole families, and (b) our “special relationship” with Israel, which is heavily responsible for Israel’s relentless dispossession of Palestinians from Palestine and thoroughgoing denial of Palestinians’ humanity. Sandy, go for Democracy Now foreign correspondent.

A Beem admirer since well before his much-appreciated singular endorsement of my 2006 U.S. Senate candidacy, I celebrate his succinct dissing of corporate capitalism (“The coming collapse of capitalism”) which has put “rewards risk over responsibility and profit over production” and has become given to “creating nothing of value other than paper profits” for those gaming the system – truly an educational excursion for this economics-challenged student of public affairs.

Beem’s fingering of corporate capitalism values that “reward short-term bottom-line thinking over a long-term instrument in providing good product and good jobs” reminds of comparisons with the German economy which, with the same threats of outsourcing to Asian manufacture, produces quality goods, pays good wages with unbelievably generous benefits, and sustains much higher employment. Cutbacks, yes, but nothing like here.

William H. Slavick