Letter: Alcohol awareness starts with adults

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month. What does that really mean? What can I really do to help my child make good and critical decisions in their vulnerable years? It can get overwhelming when the youth are inundated with pro-alcohol social media ads, commercials and at sporting events. Remember your children watch everything you do, you hold the greatest influence over them regarding their decision process, not me. Lead by example; make a point to not drink alcohol while taking them to a sporting event. Take full advantage of your time together by sending a non-verbal message to them that you can enjoy life and the people around you without alcohol and drugs. They watch everything you do. Be the hero in their life.

Lt. John Kilbride
Falmouth Police Department

  • ZacktheConformist

    So, the murder was in 1989 and supposedly happened on the Portland waterfront
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    Now 25 years later it turns out I was not wrong. Hehehehehe! The real Boston
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