Letter: Advice for BNAS NEX, commissary patrons

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Customers of the Naval Air Station Brunswick Exchange and Commissary have undoubtedly noted some of the changes to each store over the past few months. The NEX, in particular, is getting smaller by the week. I wanted to point out that the changes currently seen are the result of less foot traffic in the store, rather than BRAC-related consolidation.

As you know, the NEX and Commissary are scheduled to close on March 19, 2011. Come January 2011, inventory at the NEX and then the Commissary will begin to decrease again as we prepare for final closure. Readers also are probably aware that there are efforts to keep the NEX and Commissary open past the scheduled closure date. I promise that as soon as I have been informed of a change, I will let everyone know.

As the consolidation at the NEX continues and inventory drops off, authorized patrons who would like to order an item not seen in the store can either use the courtesy phone located nearby or order on line by visiting http://www.navy-nex.com. In most cases, items can be ordered and delivered here at NASB, without shipping charges.

At the Commissary, authorized patrons who would like to order an item not in the store can visit our customer service desk, and they can most likely special order the item.

As we continue to move towards closure, we’ll work to keep you informed of any changes. We’ll post updates on the base website, http://www.cnic.navy.mil/brunswick/index.htm and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/nasbrunswick.

Capt. Will A. Fitzgerald, commanding officer
Brunswick Naval Air Station