Letter: A plea for Falmouth's older citizens

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Don’t you think the time has come for Falmouth to think about helping its senior citizens, who try hard to live on a fixed income, by not raising their taxes? It’s hard enough to make it on a daily basis, with all the increases in food, fuel, utilities, etc. Why does the School Board have to increase the budget for people who don’t use the school system and are trying to pay the taxes have now to stay in their homes?

We are willing to pay our fair share for services provided by the town, but to add to our burden for things that aren’t absolutely necessary at this time? There is no need to raise taxes on the small percentage of people that have nothing to do with the children who go to school – and a brand new school, to boot. Our learning experiences years ago didn’t depend on the building we were in, but on caring, devoted teachers who didn’t need excess to help us learn.

Please let the senior citizens of Falmouth continue to live in Falmouth by not raising their taxes and running them out of town because they can’t afford to live here anymore.

Martha Marshall