It's your prom night: Bring provisions!

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Prom night is a special night for teenagers, who typically spend weeks if not months planning their celebrations. But even the most careful planning won’t prevent a few unexpected surprises from popping up. A cup of spilled punch can find its way onto a gown or dress shirt or a dress can suffer a tear as couples dance the night away on the dance floor. Such accidents might not be preventable, but that doesn’t mean couples can’t plan for them. Savvy couples who pack the following provisions come prom night won’t fret when the unexpected accident inevitably occurs.

• Mobile phone and roadside assistance club card: Promgoers who are driving themselves to the festivities should be sure to bring a fully charged mobile phone as well as their roadside assistance membership card should their vehicle suffer a flat tire or another mechanical issue.

• Bandages: Ladies might love the look of their brand new heels purchased specifically for prom night, but they likely won’t love the blisters that form after a night of dancing and mingling with classmates. Pack some bandages so blisters don’t become unbearable.

• Toiletries: Couples should bring along some travel size toiletries in case the facility where the prom is being held proves lacking.

• Makeup and additional beauty supplies: Guys may not need to worry about touching up their appearance, but ladies might want to touch up their makeup or fix their hair as the night progresses. Pack some extra beauty items and don’t forget to bring along a hairbrush.

• Extra pantyhose: Pantyhose might not be capable of handling a night of dancing without suffering a tear, so bring along some extras so you can dance the night away no matter what.

• Sewing kit: Dresses have a way of tearing on prom night, but such tears need not be a fashion emergency. Pack a small sewing kit and some safety pins, and your dress will be as good as new in no time.

• Directions: Don’t forget to print out directions to the banquet hall as well as the after party so you don’t miss a minute of your special night.

• Cash and credit card: In the case of an emergency, couples should have some cash on hand as well as a credit or debit card.