Holiday gift ideas for the new parent in your life

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Many parents fondly recall their first holiday season as a mom and dad. While youngsters may not remember much about their first Thanksgiving dinner with family or where their first Christmas present was placed under the tree, parents tend to cherish such memories, making their first holidays with children in tow very memorable.

Loved ones of new parents can take steps to make this holiday season even more special. The following are some gift ideas for holiday shoppers who want to make this season even more memorable for the proud new parents in their lives.

• Photo album: Today’s new parents have more pictures and video of their bundles of joy than any previous generation of moms and dads, as smartphones, tablets and other devices have made taking pictures much easier than in years past. But family members also have more access to such photos than ever before, making it easy to put together a special photo album of the new parents and their new child. Pull pictures from the parents’ social media accounts or make an album of the numerous photos you have no doubt received since your loved ones became parents. Parents likely don’t have time to make such albums, so your efforts will almost certainly be appreciated.

• Camcorder: Many smartphones are capable of taking video, but such devices are not ideal for shooting longer home videos new parents will want to watch for years to come. An HD camcorder with sufficient internal flash memory can allow new parents to take longer, higher quality videos with superior audio to those that are shot on smartphones. Such a camcorder may be costly for those shopping on a strict budget, but it’s a gift new parents are sure to love and utilize for years to come.

• Nursery sound system: New moms and dads are no doubt anxiously anticipating the day when the newest additions to their households sleep through the night. Help speed up the arrival of that glorious night with a nursery sound system that provides soothing sounds to create a perfect sleeping environment for newly born boys and girls. The results may not arrive overnight, but parents may soon find their lovable youngster is spending more of the wee hours of the morning sleeping and less time waking up mom and dad.

• Spa treatment: Not every gift you buy for the new parents in your life needs to focus on helping them cherish their first holiday season as parents. New parents tend to experience lots of exhaustion in their first few months on the job, but a spa treatment can be just the relaxing break they need from catering to their bundle of joy’s every need. Moms may prefer the full spa treatment, while dads may simply want a massage and some relaxing time in the steam room. Book a treatment for both mom and dad so they can spend some time relaxing during this hectic time of year.

New parents often cherish their first holiday season as moms and dads, and the right holiday gift can make that first holiday season even better.

— Metro Creative