GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul has a (sound) bite in Freeport

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Presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, right, on Tuesday drew a crowd of almost 250 people at a campaign stop at Linda Bean’s Perfect Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern in Freeport. Among other things, Paul criticized Obamacare and the Internal Revenue Service, and showed disdain for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and GOP front-runner Donald Trump. He also urged making college education free, helping people fight drug addiction instead of  jailing them, and ending U.S. support for countries that he said “persecute Christians.”

GOP presidential candidate Sen.Rand Paul of Kentucky at a rally in Freeport on Tuesday told the crowd that ordinary citizens don’t have enough say in the federal government, especially in how their money is taxed. “If I am elected, if I am your nominee, if I become the president, I’m not going to go (to Washington) to accumulate power, I’m going to go there to give it back to you, to the states, and to the people,” Paul said.