Gift ideas for avid readers

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Gift giving is made easier when shoppers are in tune with their loved ones’ interests. Knowing a friend’s or relative’s likes and dislikes can provide a starting point as you begin your holiday shopping.
Reading is one interest or hobby that has never gone out of style. People who enjoy reading tend to devour book after book and are always eager for the next installment from their favorite authors. Books and other reading materials can make perfect gifts for anyone with a love for literature.

First edition texts
Collectors very often are interested in the first edition or first printing of classic books. Publishers may offer only a limited number of books in a first edition or first printing, and such editions tend to be rare.
A first edition of a favorite book can make a cherished gift. These books often can be identified by a unique numbering system or even by the words “first edition” or “first printing” on the copyright page. Work with a reputable bookshop or dealer to find expensive and rare prints.

Digital reading device
Some book purists stand by their decisions to only read paper copies of their favorite books, feeling there’s something special or more enjoyable about holding a hardcover or paperback in one’s hands and making progress through paper pages. Others are enamored with the convenience and portability of having an entire library saved on a digital device. E-readers come in different sizes and offerings from various manufacturers. E-reader apps also are available through Apple and Amazon to work on various mobile devices. A tablet can be a welcome gift, especially for a reader who appreciates on-demand reading material.

Protective  case
Help readers protect their tablets with protective cases. These run the gamut from the utilitarian to the decorative. Some tablet cases are designed to look like books themselves, with a soft interior cushion for the e-reader and a hard shell to keep it safe.

Book accessories
Readers need their own collections of accessories that cater to their love of the written word. Look for clocks made out of literary volumes, lamps that look like a stacked book collection or framed photos of favorite book covers. Some publishers offer printed works reissued in decorative covers to make the books an eye-catching addition to any home’s decor.
Someone who lends out favorite works may like a personalized library embosser, which will imprint a book page with the name of the person loaning out his or her collection of books.

Book tote
Whether they are carrying books back to the library or traveling with an e-reader in tow, avid readers might appreciate a functional tote bag. Order pre-printed literary tote bags or customize a tote based on the tastes of the gift’s recipient. It even can feature photographs or the jacket of a favorite book.
When gifting readers, there are many ideas that can make welcome presents.

— Metro Creative

Books, subscriptions and other literary-themed gifts can be ideal for avid readers. Local booksellers can advise you, and many shops have unique crafted items sure to please the reader in your life.