Forecaster Forum: English no longer a roadblock for these SMCC students

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Editor’s Note: These are some of the letters written this semester by Southern Maine Community College students in an Advanced Writing class for non-native English speakers. The students from around the world are learning the value of freedom of the press and practicing their writing skills, and appreciate your feedback.

Make smart choices about social media

Nowadays, the social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, are considered a part of our life. They can affect people in many ways, especially teenagers. In my opinion I think, teenagers’ access to social media should be limited.

Online social networks can be a distraction to people and keep them away from the priorities in their life. There are many students who spend their entire day on the Facebook, YouTube and social websites.

Moreover, it’s important for teenagers to be careful about how they use social media. Some people find it easy to bully others by attacking them online because they are not talking to them face to face.

Most people are addicted due to the lack of time management skills. Many teens have more than one account, and this leads them to be busy most of the time. This can affect their schoolwork. For example, students can choose to be on Facebook 24 hours a day, but they cannot study for more than 30 minutes without taking a break.

In conclusion, trying to avoid social media is impossible for most people. However, you have to make smart choices about how to manage your time. Use it to your benefit. Leave the electronic world behind, and just live in the world now. Turn your attention away from the little screen and open your eyes to the world around you.

Nour Alsammrai

Keep an eye on caffeine consumption

One in two people in the world consume caffeine. I think that caffeine is the most addictive and also the most damaging substance for human health. Caffeine is dangerous and still being consumed in high doses. How could caffeine put you and your family in danger? How could caffeine be a benefit?

Caffeine isn’t just found in coffee but also in tea, soda, energy drinks, chocolate, headache medicine and many more products. Caffeine occurs naturally in nature. For example, caffeine is also found in the beans, leaves, and fruit of more than 60 plants. We have been eating those plants for ages.

Caffeine also has zero nutritional benefits and it can seriously increase health problems. It could affect the central nervous system and can lead to anxiety, insomnia, muscle twitching, irritability and heart palpitation and even death. In extreme doses addiction is possible. A child who drinks 1 can of soda experiences the same effect as an adult who drinks 4 cups of coffee.

Studies have also shown that caffeine increases alertness, focus, and coordination. It can help people be more alert and productive. This is why some think it can be a good thing.

However, caffeine is a dangerous ingredient for your health. You should use it responsibly. It’s important to be aware of overuse and be aware of the diet of your child. The decision is up to you. Please use caffeine in moderation.

Simane Ibrahim

Teenagers need education, not credit cards

Debt is one of the biggest problems that people face today. There are many ways that people get into debt. Credit cards, especially for young people, are one of the biggest ways for people to get into in debt. Most teens don’t know how to budget their money because of their lack of experience with paying bills.

First of all, some teens will spend too much with their credit cards even when they do not have to use it. On the other hand, if they know how to budget their money, credit cards can be a convenient way to pay for necessary items they can not afford upfront like a computer or textbooks.

Another problem teens may face is not paying their bills each month, and then they will have to pay interest. The most serious part of teens having credit cards is becoming bankrupt. This could potentially ruin their lives. If they are unable to pay the bills, maybe their parents will have to become responsible for what they had spent for months or years.

In conclusion, I think teens shouldn’t be allowed to use credit cards. Most teens do not understand the concept of a credit card. They think credit is free money when really it is a loan that they have to pay back. Teach caution and remember, money you borrow costs more in the end.

Habiba Hassan

Drinking, driving are never a good mix

Try to live a happy and healthy life, because your life is important for you and for the people who care about you. Drinking and driving is one of the most dangerous things to do. Unfortunately, lots of people die from this kind of accident daily.

When you drink alcohol your brain does not think rationally, and you can’t concentrate on the road. Not only is it unsafe for you, but also for all the other drivers on the road. It’s risky for you, because you might have an accident where you can end up injuring or even killing yourself and/or others.

Drinking and driving can be expensive. If you get into a car accident, you will get a ticket from the police, your insurance will go up, and you will have to pay expensive lawyer and court fees.

Also, drinking and driving has a lot of negative consequences such as getting your license suspended, going to jail, and even losing your job.

At the end, I say never drink and drive and don’t ride with anyone who drinks too much. Drunk driving is not good for you and people around you. You should never take that risk. Many people have lost their lives because of drinking and driving so please don’t be the next victim.

Zohal Rhimi

Stash your phone when you’re driving

Nowadays, it is easy to contact another person by cell phone. We can use it anytime and anywhere. It can be a life saving communication tool to have ready in your car in case of emergency. However, using a cell phone while driving is considered dangerous.

First, using a cell phone while driving disturbs you in many ways. Normally, you drive your car by using two hands, but you only use one hand when using cell phone. Besides that, the time you look at your phone is the amount of time you have your eyes off the road. This is unsafe driving and increases the risk of crash.

Second, you will act or think slower when using a mobile phone, especially when you are deep in a conversation. Furthermore, the more time you spend on a conversation, the less time you would have on checking your surroundings. Then, you may cause an accident.

Finally, it is so difficult to drive safely and have a complex conversation. You need to have a cell phone with you but if you need to make a call or text a message, pull off the road. If you know someone who is behind the steering wheel, don’t call or send a text. We are on the road together so make it safe for you and for other people too.

Tan Nguyen