Falmouth schools use new web service to track sports injuries

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FALMOUTH — The School Department is using a new online service to track student athletes’ injuries, treatment and recovery.

Called Healthy Roster, the web-based program keeps students, parents, coaches, medical staff and athletic trainers in the loop and provides ease of communication between all the affected parties.

Trainer Rob Sullivan said more than 300 students and their families have signed up to use the program.

“I believe in time, once we have this really integrated into our high school, it will revolutionize injury care, tracking and communication of the injured athlete,” Sullivan said this week. “There is (also) an app that goes along with Healthy Roster that is really helpful for parents to get access to injury info and status updates of their child.”

In his Dec. 18 report to the School Board, Athletic Director James Coffey said that by using Healthy Roster, Sullivan “can keep a detailed account of the student’s care.”

“One great piece is that the health-care providers and the parents are notified of the specific details of the injury and care plan,” he said.

“Rob has done an outstanding job bringing Healthy Roster to the athletic department. We’re way ahead of the curve in this area of high school athletics,” Coffey added.

Healthy Roster is based in Columbus, Ohio. It covers more than 100,000 athletes in 32 states.

“Healthy Roster has one mission,” according to its website. To “keep kids active and healthy. We give parents and coaches peace of mind when their youth athletes get hurt.”

The Healthy Roster service works by connecting coaches, parents and others concerned with the well-being of a student athlete with those who are providing the care or overseeing recovery from an injury.

“Our children’s safety is key to continuing the great legacy of contact sports like football, hockey, and soccer. We can’t eliminate concussions and other serious injuries from the games, but we can make sure everyone has access to the best care possible,” the website adds.

Sullivan said the typical injuries he deals with range from sprains to head injuries and general muscle issues.

And with participation in Falmouth sports programs up 5 percent over the 2016-2017 academic year, he’ll have even more athletes and injuries to keep track of going forward.

Kate Irish Collins can be reached at 710-2336 or kcollins@theforecaster.net. Follow Kate on Twitter: @KIrishCollins.

Falmouth High School junior Sam Manganello looks to pass during a recent basketball game against Scarborough. This academic year the athletic department is relying on a new web-based service, called Healthy Roster, to keep track of student athlete injuries and recovery.

  • Chew H Bird

    As an IT person I just read the privacy statement associated with “Healthy Roster” and would never let anyone that remotely cares about privacy utilize that service. I’m not a lawyer, but as soon as I see Healthy Roster utilizes off shore storage in different countries, it is a non-starter for me…

    • Healthy Roster Inc.

      Hi, just to respond to the privacy concerns, we don’t use offshore hosting/storage. In fact, we have a BAA with Amazon and use their HIPAA compliant hosting solution.

      • Chew H Bird

        And your data is more secure than Alteryx how (since you also work with third party companies)?

        And, from your privacy statement: “When you visit the Website or use the App, the Website and App may collect anonymous, aggregated data regarding your activities. This anonymous, aggregated data cannot be linked or otherwise used to identify you. We may share aggregated information that includes non-identifying information with third parties for industry analysis and demographic profiling. Users of the Website and App shall not be entitled to any compensation stemming from the use of such aggregated or non-identifying information.”

        Who determines what is “identifying information”? Addresses are just as revealing as names to database people…

  • John Baker

    It is good that more is being done to help the athletes. Rather than just track the injuries, more needs to be done to prevent the injuries, especially concussions. While we can’t wrap the kids in bubble wrap, we can hold the school, coaches and parents accountable for not doing more to prevent concussions, They could eliminate dangerous activity on the fields. At one time, boxing was very popular, but we certainly now know that hits to the head are not healthy. Some day, sports such as tackle football will be changed to be safer. For now, there is too much money at stake in the NFL, at colleges and at high schools. When you add in the macho-factor of the parents that push football, it will be a while before things change. All in good time. Even now, many parents are choosing safer sports for their children to participate in.