Falmouth residents warned of bobcat

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FALMOUTH — Falmouth Police are cautioning residents not to leave pets outside unsupervised – particularly at night – following reports that a lynx or bobcat was seen in the area of Ledgewood and Pleasant Hill roads.

One resident may already have lost his small dog to the predator in that area of town, according to Lt. John Kilbride.

Kilbride said there’s not much authorities can do, other than make residents aware of the bobcat sighting. The police notified the community with a post on its Facebook page Thursday.

“(The post) was just a notification that a bobcat has been seen in the area,” Kilbride said. While it’s uncommon to see a bobcat this far south, “it’s just doing what it does. If it’s found a good feeding ground it may stick around.”

So far, he added, there has been no human contact with the bobcat, but on Wednesday, police said,“A dog owner in (the area of Ledgewood and Pleasant Hill roads) heard their dog in a scuffle outside with what sounded like (another) animal.”

The dog has not been seen since. “We cannot confirm what happened to the dog, as the owner did not see anything after hearing the scuffle,” the Facebook post said. But if anyone spots the bobcat, they should call the police at 781-2300.