Falmouth nitty-gritty

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We need to reframe Falmouth’s facilities questions from “Should we spend a million dollars converting two antique elementary schools to mixed use, single use or a new Town Hall?” to this: “Should we spend scarce money on old schools or repave Falmouth Road so we won’t ruin our vehicles?” Let’s sell the schools to a developer and put them back on the tax rolls. Let’s stop buying land to take it off the tax rolls unitl the primary roads in town are at least up to the standard of a third-world country’s roads.

Next, can the town leadership please bring us into 2009? We need to have all of our town meetings on GoToMeeting.com so those of us who have family commitments can see the contents of the meetings in real time without being at the meeting. For all the global warming advocates, wouldn’t this make more sense than burning enough oil products to transport 140 Falmouth residents to the planning event?

Michael Doyle