Entertaining in a pet-friendly home

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Pets are prized pals in many households. However, guests invited over for a special occasion who are not as enamored with animals may not be anxious about sharing party space with Fido or the family feline. In such instances, it’s up to the host to make guests feel more comfortable.

In the days leading up to the party, consult guests about any pet allergies. If a person who will be coming over is allergic to cats or dogs, thoroughly clean and air out the house. Regardless of how diligent a host is, it only takes a little bit of an irritant to trigger an allergic reaction.

As a courtesy to guests who are a little intimidated by pets, keep the dog or cat in a separate room. Be sure to feed and walk the animal prior to company coming over so he or she will be comfortable. Do not yell at the pet or make it feel like the seclusion is a punishment.

If young children will be in attendance, it can be a good idea to keep pets secured in another area as a precaution. Even the best-behaved pets may become skittish with a lot of people around and act out of character. Young children are prone to pulling on dogs’ ears or engaging in chase and teasing behaviors. Because as party host you’ll have to divide your attention among many things, you do not want to have to worry about the interaction between pets and children. Pets that have some behavioral issues should definitely be separated from guests for safety’s sake.

Some pet parents find that bringing pets to a boarder or pet daycare on the day of their party is a wise idea. This way the pet is away from the commotion and he or she can enjoy time with other animals. Parties can be stressful for animals as well. Keeping them away from the situation may be the most ideal solution.

Should guests be comfortable with pets around, be sure they are aware of some house rules. This includes not feeding the animal any table scraps or whatever else is priority in the house.

Although pets are an integral part of many people’s family dynamic, guest comfort takes precedence over pets when it comes to opening up the home for a party or other gathering.

Sometimes it’s best not to have pets as the life of the party.