Editor's Notebook: '… Don't worry, it'll change'

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“If you’re in a bad situation,” someone once said, “don’t worry, it’ll change. If you’re in a good situation, don’t worry, it’ll change.”

That sense of constant change sums up the past year at The Forecaster, where we’ve welcomed several new staffers – William Hall, Will Graff, Marena Blanchard and Dylan Martin – to replace colleagues who moved on to other opportunities.

We also introduced a vibrant, new website that allows our readers to more easily select the local news you find most important (and to read those stories a day or more before our print editions are available).

And we launched a collaboration with the Bangor Daily News that, in combination with our blood-line connection to the Sun Journal in Lewiston and our continuing affiliation with the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, provides a range of news, features and analysis that’s rare among weekly community newspapers.

The changes don’t stop there. We’re spicing up the content of our Opinion pages with the addition of two local columnists we’re confident will engage your hearts and minds.

Abby Diaz is a Falmouth native, wife, mother and blogger. I think you’ll appreciate her wit, humor and warmth. To whet your appetite, here is how Abby describes herself:

“I began reading The Forecaster right after I realized that it could tell me which of my classmates was arrested over the weekend. After leaving the area for higher education/lower professionalism, I have returned with a husband and two children in tow. Now I read The Forecaster to figure out (a) what happens in Cumberland County between weekends; and (b) what I should do on the weekends. Also, what size font my daughter’s honor roll announcement will be in. (She’s 4. I like to plan ahead.)

“… I am a (relatively) young mother of two who is married to a Puerto Rican with a penchant for proving his Mainer-ness. I work outside the home, but I make observations inside and outside of it. A good chunk of those observations relate to our young family’s attempt to live ‘The Way Life Should Be.’ … My writing tends towards the humorous. Some would say snarky. I would say delightful.”

So would I, and I think you will, too.

Orlando DeLogu is our other new columnist. He is probably familiar to many residents of Portland – where most recently he regularly appeared on the pages of The West End News – and to members of the legal profession; Orlando is emeritus professor of law at the University of Maine School of Law, where he has taught since 1966.

Among other things, Orlando has been a Portland city councilor; was an organizer of the successful Working Waterfront initiative; has been a consultant on land-use planning, the environment and natural resources to several Maine governors, towns and the Legislature; is a co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine – well, you get the picture. He knows his stuff, and isn’t bashful about sharing his ideas.

As you might guess, Orlando’s column will concentrate on Maine public policy, where it works, where it doesn’t, and how to fix it.

Both columnists will debut in January.

So, what hasn’t changed? Among other things, our commitment to providing every opportunity for readers to express themselves.

On our website, we still offer unlimited, unmoderated commenting that relies on the participants to police themselves and maintain civil, if often heated, discussions. We keep our hands off, unless we learn about a comment that crosses the line. Despite all the hair-pulling that takes place at many daily newspapers over out-of-bounds comments on their sites, we’ve found that our online posters generally know how to engage in debate without stooping to insults and vulgarity; for that, we thank you.

At the same time, in our four weekly print editions, we continue to publish every letter that meets our space and content guidelines. This year, we published letters from nearly 530 readers who were willing to put their names on the line to make a point.

In keeping with the tradition we started a couple years ago, those writers are listed here. I thank them for sharing their opinions, and for participating in what we do. I also thank you for reading, and I wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year, marked by only the best of changes.

 • • •

Isabel Agnew, Falmouth

Theresa Aiello, Bath

Seth Albert, Scarborough

Sen. Justin Alfond, Portland

Pamela C. Ames, North Yarmouth

Erik Anderson, Freeport

Susan Anderson, Cumberland

Dan Ankeles, Brunswick

Cushman D. Anthony, Falmouth

Paula E. Armstrong, Scarborough

Kris Anderson, Phippsburg

Dick & Adele Aronson, Falmouth

Matthew Arrants, Falmouth

Joel Austin, Bath

Paul Austin, Scarborough

Douglas G. Babkirk, Falmouth

MaryBeth Bachman, Falmouth

David Backer, Cape Elizabeth

Jim Bailinson, Cumberland

Colin Baker, Freeport

Sybil Baker, Brunswick

Susan C. Baltrus, Lewiston

Kathryn Balzer, Freeport

Ron Bancroft, Cumberland

Frank Barbieri, Portland

Stan Baron, Portland

Dr. Steve Barr, North Yarmouth

Charles Barron, North Yarmouth

Merrill E. Barter, Falmouth

David Bartholomew, Falmouth

Sen. Phil Bartlett, Gorham

Dana Bateman, Brunswick

Connie & Arthur Batson, Falmouth

Mark Battista, Falmouth

Jackson Beck, South Portland

Matthew Beck, South Portland

Maxine Beecher, South Portland

Sofia Beishline, Bath

Art Bell, Yarmouth

Bill Bell, South Portland

Vickie C. Bell, Cumberland

Eve Bennett, Portland

Jeff Bennett, Portland

Lisa Bergeron, Yarmouth

Claire Berkowitz, Bath

Rep. Seth Berry, Bowdoinham

Bill Beyer, Falmouth

Caryn Bickerstaff, Falmouth

Patti Bicknell, Yarmouth

Spence & Susan Bisbing, Cumberland

John E.G. Bischof, Falmouth

Harmony Bisson, Brunswick

Sally Bitan, Falmouth

Tom Blake, South Portland

Dorothy Blanchette, Falmouth

Peter Boehmer, Falmouth

Raquel Boehmer, Falmouth

Brita H. Bonechi, Cumberland

John J. Bouchard, Brunswick

Linda Boudreau, South Portland

Cathy B. Bowden, Falmouth

Virginia Boyles, Freeport

Jon Bradley, Portland

Edward Brainard, Freeport

Glen Brand, Falmouth

John Brautigam, Falmouth

Kate Breau, Freeport

Cathy Breen, Falmouth

Anne Brookes, Brunswick

Jeff Brookes, Cumberland

Justin S. Brownwell, Brunswick

David Bruneau, South Portland

Tim & Lisa Bryant, Falmouth

Keith Bubblo, North Yarmouth

Michael T. Bucci, Damariscotta

Stacie Buccina, Wiscasset

Meredith Strang Burgess, Cumberland

Zoo Cain, Portland

Kim Caldwell & John Lambert, Cumberland

Ted Caldwell, Falmouth

Phil Caldwell, Yarmouth

Edward R. Campbell, West Gardiner

John Campbell, Cumberland

Susan M. Campbell, Cumberland

Benjamin P. Campo Jr., North Yarmouth

Paul Carey, Falmouth

Stephen Carey, Brunswick

Alan Caron, Freeport

Heather Carrington, Falmouth

Charles Carroll, Brunswick

Lindsay Carter, Old Orchard Beach

Gerald Caruso, Falmouth

Jean-Marie Caterina, Scarborough

Jeanne Chadbourne, North Yarmouth

Renee Chevalier, Bath

Marsha Clark, Falmouth

Arlene Clifford, Falmouth

Chad Coffin, Freeport

Ted Cohen, South Portland

Harper Lee Collins, North Yarmouth

Ardis Conner, North Yarmouth

Mary Conroy, North Yarmouth

Janice Cooper and Bill Schaffer, Yarmouth

Ron Copp Jr., Cumberland

Shannon Coray, Brunswick

Alexander Cornell du Houx, Brunswick

Jim Coull, Cliff Island

Peter Crichton, Portland

Gary Crosby, South Portland

Bronwen Crothers, Brunswick

Tom Crotty, Freeport

Glenn Cummings, Portland

Tom Czyz, Falmouth

Bob Dale, Brunswick

Donna M. Damon, Chebeague Island

Karen A. D’Andrea, Scarborough

Chris Davis, Scarborough

Gavin Davis, Brunswick

Paul Davis, Falmouth

Wayne E. Davis, Portland

Sarah Day, Yarmouth

Constance Dayton, Falmouth

Marnie Dean, Cumberland

Ralph Dean, Freeport

Rosemarie De Angelis, South Portland

Bryan Dench, Falmouth

Joseph de Rivera, Brunswick

Lourdes D’Escoubet-Nason, Cumberland Foreside

Marge Merrill Devine, Falmouth

Rick Diamond, Topsham

Julie Dionne, Brunswick

Mark Dissell, Yarmouth

Mark & Anne Dixon, North Yarmouth

Paul Dobbins, Falmouth

Leigh Donaldson, Portland

Kristen Dorsey, Freeport

Barbara Doughty, Portland

John A. Dow, Falmouth

Dan Dowd, Phippsburg

Adrian Dowling, South Portland

Sarah Dowling, Freeport

Bill Downes, Cape Elizabeth

Scot & Michelle Draeger, Falmouth

Mike & Maggie Dumais, Topsham

Jessica L. Dyer, North Yarmouth

Geoff Dyhrberg, Falmouth

George R. Eaton, South Portland

Rep. Jane Eberle, South Portland

Katharine Echavarri, Falmouth

Beth Edmonds, Freeport

John Edwards, Falmouth

Rob Edwards, Bath

Kristina Egan, Freeport

John & Arabella Eldredge, Cumberland

Linda & Brian Emery, Cumberland

Ben Enos, North Yarmouth

Josh Espy, Freeport

Thomas A. Estabrook, Yarmouth

Cheri Fagan, Falmouth

Karen Fallon, Scarborough

Karen Farber, Falmouth

James Farragher, Falmouth

Stephen C. Farrand, Freeport

Kelly Fitz-Randolph, Freeport

Jean Flahive, Falmouth

Melanie Flood, Freeport

Chesley Flotten, Brunswick

Mary Feigenbaum, Falmouth

Pam Fenrich, Falmouth

Charles Fischman, Freeport

George A. Fogg, North Yarmouth

Tom Foley, Cumberland Foreside

Gary C. Foster, Gray

Jill Fox, Falmouth

Jennifer Frank, Pownal

Beth Franklin, Falmouth

David Frans, Brunswick

Myrick Freeman, Georgetown

Diane Friese, Brunswick

William B. Fritzmeier, South Portland

Julia Fusari, Freeport

Philip Galipeau, Scarborough

Bill & Jennifer Gardiner, Falmouth

Bob Garver, Brunswick

Beverly P. Gelwick, Harpswell

John Gerken, Yarmouth

Heather Giandrea, North Yarmouth

Craig Giddens, Freeport

Sara Gideon, Freeport

Lynn Gierie, Scarborough

Jane Gildart, Yarmouth

William Ginn, Cape Elizabeth

Laura Girr, Freeport

Larry Glatz, Harrison

Philip Gleason & Mary Schendel, Cumberland

Peter Goffin, Falmouth

Amy & Dave Goldberg, Falmouth

Mark Googins, Cumberland Foreside

Betts Gorsky, Cumberland Foreside

Heather Gosch, Portland

Rep. Anne P. Graham, North Yarmouth

Carole Graves, Brunswick

Judy Gray, Bowdoinham

Dudley Greeley, Cumberland

Greeley Middle School Student Council, Cumberland

Bruce Green, Brunswick

Paul W. Greenwood, Cumberland

Jill Grogan, Freeport

Dick Grotton, Augusta

Mike & Lianne Grover, Greene

Rebecca Grover, Falmouth

Jean & John Gulliver, Falmouth

Hamza Haadoow, Portland

Valerie Hamilton, Yarmouth

Gordon Hamlin, Freeport

Bethany Hanley, Cumberland

Turner Hansel, North Yarmouth

Bill Hansen, Cumberland Center

Kathy Hanson, South Portland

Chalmers Hardenbergh, Freeport

Deanna Harnett, Yarmouth

Clare Harrington, Falmouth

Margo Harrington, Cumberland Center

Jed Harris, Falmouth

Ronald A. Hart, Falmouth

Pamela Harwood, Cumberland

Rep. Terry Hayes, Buckfield

Jack Heinzman, Falmouth

Sue Hemond, Cumberland Foreside

Jim Hendricks, Freeport

John Henniges, Brunswick

Roger Hewett, Portland

Daniel Hildreth, Falmouth

Horace Hildreth, Falmouth

David R. Hill, Chebeague Island

Tara M. Hill, Cumberland

Robert Hodgman-Burns, Fryeburg

Jennifer Hodsdon, Brunswick

Dan Hogan, South Portland

Maria Holt, Bath

Shoshana Hoose, Portland

Elizabeth Hope, Yarmouth

Fred Horch, Brunswick

Jeffrey Hotchkiss, Yarmouth

Jeff Howe, Brunswick

Susan Howe, Falmouth

Kandi-Lee Hoy, South Portland

Sherry F. Huber, Falmouth

Joe Huebler, Bath

Carol D. Hulst, Cumberland

M. Roberts Hunt, Falmouth

Rabyrne Hutton, Bath

Leslie Hyde, Yarmouth

Linda & John Isaacson, Cumberland

David Jacobs, South Portland

Paul F. Jacques, Waterville

Neil Jamieson, Scarborough

Susan Jarmuz-Smith & Beth Lubetkin, Portland

Dr. Richard K. Jennings, Brunswick

Brad Lane Johanson, Brunswick

Beverly Johnson, Chebeague Island

Dorothea Johnson, Falmouth

Jennifer Johnson, Brunswick

Joanne Jones, Scarborough

Daniel G. Kagan, Freeport

Donald Kelley, Wiscasset

Bert Kendall, Yarmouth

Elizabeth Kibler, Yarmouth

Sam Kilbourn, Freeport

Todd Kimmell, Ardmore, Pa.

Ned Kitchel, Falmouth

Kurt E. Klebe, Falmouth

Hannah Klepinger, Yarmouth

Alicia Klick, Freeport

Alice E. Knapp, Richmond

Tom Kohls, Brunswick

Becky Kolak, Bath

Jean Konzal, Brunswick

Al Kropp, Cumberland

Muriel K. Kruppa, South Portland

Maureen LaGrua, Freeport

Jarryl Larson, Edgecomb

William C. Leary, Windsor Locks, Conn.

Lisa Ledwidge, Bath

Philip H. Lee, Portland

Fred Leighton, Falmouth

Lois Lengyel, Falmouth

Ken Levinsky, Portland

Dave Libby, Falmouth

Jennifer Libsack, Freeport

Nancy Lightbody, Falmouth

Peter Lindsay, North Yarmouth

Lucy Lloyd, Freeport

Barry Logan, Brunswick

Audrey Lones, North Yarmouth

Lisa Lounsbury, Brunswick

Florence Lusk, Freeport

Pete Lyons, Westbrook

Ted MacDonald, Gray

Margaret & Bruce MacDougal, Harpswell

Lesley MacVane, Falmouth

Natalya & Kenneth MacWillliams, Portland

Dr. Erica Magnus, Windham

Kate Maguire, Freeport

Jeffrey & Jessica Maher, Brunswick

Sean Mahoney, Falmouth

Dr. James H. Maier, Scarborough

Simonne M. Maline, Augusta

Theresa Maloney-Kelly, Cumberland

Ted Markow, Brunswick

Vicky & Betsy Marr, Brunswick

Paul Marseglia, Dresden

Martha Marshall, Falmouth

Nancy H. Marshall, Cape Elizabeth

William H. Marshall, Cape Elizabeth

Eric Matheson, Cape Elizabeth

Ken Mathews, Brunswick

Kim Mathews, Pownal

Jenn & Tom McAdoo, Cumberland

Dave McConnell, Falmouth

Christine D. McDuffie, North Yarmouth

Toby McGrath, Brunswick

Steve McKelvey, Scarborough

Kristy McKibben, Freeport

Anne & David McLain

Deborah McLean, Freeport

Steve Melchiskey, Falmouth

Carmen Melito, Yarmouth

Jessica Mellon, Freeport

Lincoln Merrill Jr., North Yarmouth

Jere G. Michelson, Scarborough

Nancy Miles, Cape Elizabeth

Jane Millett, Brunswick

Rebecca Millett, Cape Elizabeth

Riley Mitchell, Bath

Faith K. Moll, Brunswick

Deede Montgomery, Freeport

Nancy Moran, Bath

Rep. Steve Moriarty, Cumberland

Rep. Terry Morrison, South Portland

Jeff Morse, Brunswick

Ogden Morse, Falmouth

Rowan Morse, Falmouth

David G. Mosher, Dresden

Julie Motherwell, Falmouth

Jack Mullin, Cumberland Foreside

Katie Murphy, North Yarmouth

Devon Murphy-Anderson, Brunswick

Caroline Murray, Cumberland Foreside

David Murray, Falmouth

Natalie Murray, Falmouth

Lois Myers, Falmouth

Kenneth Myrick, South Portland

Ashok Nalamalapu, Falmouth

Chris Neagle, Cumberland

Bob Neal, New Sharon

Jane Neitzel, Falmouth

Harry Nelson, North Yarmouth

Rep. Mary P. Nelson, Falmouth

John Newton, Portland

Lynne Nichols, Portland

Diane & B.J. Nicholson, Cape Elizabeth

Gloria & Todd Nicholson, North Yarmouth

David Nicklas, Falmouth

Jackie Nielsen, Scarborough

Julianna Nielsen & Jean-Claude Redonnet, Falmouth

Doug Niven, Brunswick

Lisa Nolan, Cumberland

Mary & Don Northrop, Yarmouth

Patrick Norton, Freeport

Robert Nurse, Bowdoin

Tracy Oliver, South Portland

Richard Olson, Falmouth

Page Eastburn O’Rourke, Yarmouth

Elizabeth Orser, Cumberland

Mara O’Shea, Cumberland

Jordan Ossie, Portland

Kevin O’Sullivan, North Yarmouth

Daniel Otis, Freeport

Edward Palm, Bath

Donna Palmer, Cumberland

Ramona & Daniel Panici, North Yarmouth

Nick Pappas, Scarborough

Beedy Parker, Camden

Nance Parker, Portland

Dr. Deborah Patten, Bath

Gregory Payeur, Falmouth

Tony Payne, Falmouth

Paul E. Peck, North Yarmouth

Marsha Penhaker, Westport Island

Carrie Penrose, Falmouth

Tamas & Rosalind Peredy, Freeport

Mike Perfetti, Cumberland

Anne Perry, Harpswell

Brian Peterson, Westbrook

Kent A. Peterson, Yarmouth

Jill Pettengill, Freeport

Jeffrey Piampiano, Brunswick

Jonathan S. Piper, Falmouth

Stephen Popp, South Portland

Matt Powell, Scarborough

Mike & Tina Pratico, Falmouth

Lisa Preney, Falmouth

Becky Pride, Falmouth

Keith Pulsifer, Yarmouth

G.M. Quattrucci, South Freeport

John Radebaugh, Falmouth

Patrick Rael, Brunswick

Amanda Rand, Falmouth

Kathy Hillman Reed, Falmouth

Rachel M. Reed, Falmouth

Helen Regan, Harpswell

John Rensenbrink, Topsham

Bill Richards, Cumberland

Dana Roberts, Yarmouth

Lissa Robinson, Falmouth

Winter Robinson, Buxton

Bill Roche, Portland

Bonny Rodden, Falmouth

Tom Ross, Freeport

Sue Rowe & Serena Mercer, Yarmouth

Peter Rubins, Cumberland

Frank Ruch, Falmouth

Elizabeth Ruff, Freeport

Donald Russell, South Portland

Matt Russell, Freeport

Melanie Sachs, Freeport

George & Ann Sanborn, Falmouth

Jacqueline Sartoris, Brunswick

Randall Scheid, Bath

Lorenz Schmidt, Cape Elizabeth

Louanne & Mark Schoninger, Bath

Beth Schultz, Woolwich

Barbara Seelen, Falmouth

Holly Seeliger, Portland

Luke Seitz, Falmouth

Peter K. Shaw, Orr’s Island

Polly Shaw, Bath

Lauren Silverson, Falmouth

Annemarie Silvius, Scarborough

Diane Simmler, Bath

Garrett Simmons, Freeport

Peter Simmons, Brunswick

Rep. Heather W. Sirocki, Scarborough

Rabbi Harry Sky, Greensboro, N.C.

Pamela Smith, North Yarmouth

Mayor Patti Smith, South Portland

Louisa C. Smith, Yarmouth

David A. Soley, Freeport

James L. Solley, Falmouth

Jeff Sommer, Yarmouth

Leo Soucek, Topsham

Carol Southall, Freeport

Howard Spear, Westbrook

Arthur Spiess, Freeport

Ginny Squires-Eklund, Falmouth

Sue Stableford, Brunswick

Michael Stefanakos, Freeport

Martha Stein, Cumberland Foreside

Susan Stephens, Falmouth

Walt Stephenson, Falmouth

Michael Stevens, Portland

Richard H. & Joanne P. Stevens, Topsham

Kevin J. Stilphen, Cape Elizabeth

Harland E. Storey, Cumberland

Meredith Strang Burgess, Cumberland

Chriss Sutherland, South Portland

Vicki Swerdlow, Falmouth

Ginger Taylor, Brunswick

Shelley Taylor, Bath

Mark Terison, Falmouth

Ann Thaxter, Chebeague Island

Kevin Tierney, Falmouth

Marcella Tierney, Yarmouth

Meredith Tipton, South Portland

Cathie Todd, Phippsburg

Joni Tompson, Freeport

Jeff Toorish, North Yarmouth

Mary Townsend, Cape Elizabeth

Alan & Sarah Tracy, Freeport

Leslie N. Trundy, Bath

Karl Turner, Cumberland Foreside

Emily Umbriaco, Brunswick

Thomas Urquhart, Falmouth

Ted & Dolores Vail, Falmouth

Judith Valle & Frank Thiboutot, Cumberland Foreside

Faith Varney, Falmouth

Mark Verrill, North Yarmouth

Roben Voigt, Freeport

Amy Volk, Scarborough

Ken Walden, Bath

Patricia Walden, Topsham

Chantal Walker, Falmouth

Melisa Walker, Freeport

Susan Verrill Walls, North Yarmouth

Jason Warnke, Woolwich

Howard Waxman, Bath

David Webster, South Freeport

Jeff Weinstein, Yarmouth

Bill Welch, Falmouth

Michael Welch, South Portland

Jennifer West, Cumberland

Wil Whalen, South Portland

Jason R. White, Rockland

Lucinda E. White, Freeport

Erik Wiberg, Falmouth

Jenifer Wikstrom, Portland

Betty & George Willhoite, Falmouth

Peter Williams, Falmouth

Virginia Williams, Freeport

Abby L. Wilson, Scarborough

Kim Wing, Freeport

John P. Winslow, Falmouth

John P. Wirtz, Scarborough

Carol Wishcamper, Freeport

Carol Wishman, Brunswick

Susan Witonis, Portland

Sarah Wolpow, Brunswick

Godfrey Wood, Falmouth

Laurie Wood, North Yarmouth

Sen. Dick Woodbury, Yarmouth

Kristi Wright & Patrick Strawbridge, North Yarmouth

Mary Wright, Cumberland Foreside

Joe Wrobleski, Falmouth

Andrew D. Young, Cumberland

Stephen Young, Freeport

Susan L. Young, Falmouth

Cheryl Day Zahares, Freeport

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Mo Mehlsak is editor of The Forecaster. He can be reached at 781-3661 ext. 107 or mmehlsak@theforecaster.net. You can also follow Mo on Twitter: @mmehlsak.

Editor of The Forecaster; prior reporting/editing gigs at Automotive Age magazine, Daily News of Los Angeles, Biddeford Journal Tribune; Syracuse U. Orange-bleeder; lifelong NY Yankees fan, longtime resident of Red Sox Nation.