E-mail: A must-have for seniors and their children

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The past 15 years have brought a revolution in communication. Long before text messaging and social networks, there was e-mail — and it continues to improve the lives of families across the country.

Seniors And Computers

Many seniors have tried to learn computers and decided they weren’t worth the headache or expense. An estimated 59 percent of Americans 65 and older don’t go online at all. But to their younger family members who do use computers, not being able to send Mom a digital photo of her grandson, or not being able to send Dad a tax form he needs right away, can be a major hassle.

Fortunately, there is a way for people to receive e-mail, digital photos and documents without a computer — a convenient service that provides a digital connection between generations.

Even though this type of no-computer-needed solution — known as Presto — is technologically sophisticated, it is extremely easy for people to use. E-mail senders just send their messages and photos as they would normally do from a computer or smartphone. The service then weeds out junk mail from nonapproved senders and formats the mail and attachments for delivery.

Next, a special printer (made by HP) periodically dials out to retrieve mail using only a standard telephone line (no Internet connection needed). Finally, the formatted messages, photos and documents are automatically printed in full color.

Before getting yourself set up with e-mail, here are a few things to consider:

For Seniors

• Be open-minded to new ways to stay connected with family. They are much easier and less expensive than those of just a few years ago, and don’t require a computer.

• Think how much easier it’ll be for kids and grandkids to write you letters and share photos using their computers and cell phones.

For Adult Kids

• It’s hard to value e-mail if you’ve never used it. Consider buying a simple e-mail service for Mom or Dad and give it as a birthday, holiday or anytime gift.

To learn more about simple e-mail solutions, visit the Web site at www.trypresto.com or call (800) 592-7413.

Getting e-mail can be a life-enhancing experience for both receivers and senders. Same-day photos help bring extended families closer together.


old_reading.jpgYou don’t have to own a computer to receive emails from friends or photos from your grandchildren.