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A trolling motor is a propulsion system that is used in place of a vessel’s primary source of propulsion in slow-moving situations. If you need to move a boat into a different position easily and without the noise and effort required to fire up the main engines of the vessel, a trolling motor is your tool. It is customarily used in fishing when an angler needs to precisely maneuver the boat to an exact location without scaring off fish upon arrival. There are different types of trolling motors, including ones that are either electric or gas-powered. Electric trolling motors are useful in situations where gasoline-powered engines are prohibited, such as on lakes or in close proximity to vacation and swimming areas. The trolling motor may be controlled by a hand control, foot pedal or even wireless remote on high-end models. The motor will either be affixed to the boat’s stern or bow. When the primary engine is in operation, the trolling motor is customarily lifted out of the water to reduce drag.