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Mind Wilder's words


Mind Wilder's words




Take a look at Chick Wilder's monument near the concession stand at Willard Beach. It says, "He made Willard Beach a place for recreation and community. His rules forbade bullying, meanness, and vandalism ... he cared for the vulnerable ... leave your dogs at home, keep off the rocks, be safe and have fun."
Today the vulnerable are not safe on Willard Beach. On Feb. 21 a large mongrel-dog came at full gallop to within a couple feet of my three little grandchildren. He then went growling after a nearby dog. His owner was not in sight. A young man came into view, but didn't respond to my inquiry about his ownership of the dog. When I persisted, he finally indicated ownership and released a very animated, highly profane tirade. It's obvious to me this man doesn't care about the vulnerable. He doesn't care about the law requiring a leash or voice control.
Our City Council's latest response to this problem is to allow dogs on the Beach after 7 p.m. during the Summer. I often don't get home from work before 7 pm. Many people want to enjoy the beach on a beautiful, hot night. On the first Saturday in May last year, we counted over 600 people enjoying the beach with no problems. There were no dogs present. Chick was right: leave your dogs at home, be safe and have fun. If you absolutely insist on visiting with a dog, please put it on a leash.

Steven E. Gray
South Portland


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