Cape Elizabeth gun club: Bees be gone

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Cape Elizabeth’s Spurwink Rod & Gun Club on Tuesday discovered a nest of honey bees on the club building. The bees were removed by Keith Kettelhut, also known as the Maine Honeybee Man, who said the nest was probably there for anywhere from nine to 21 days.

Keith Kettelhut said there were 15,000-20,000 honey bees nesting at the Spurwink Rod & Gun Club in Cape Elizabeth. On Tuesday, he removed the honeycomb and bees by scraping it from the wall and placing it in a box. He then transported the bees back to his home in Durham, where he has several bee yards.

Spurwink Rod & Gun Club President Tammy Walter said the club could have called an exterminator to have the thousands of bees killed, but they called Keith Kettelhut instead so the bees could be safely removed and kept alive.


    Talk about a sign from God…I think they should have kept the bees and gotten rid of the shooting range.


    I can’t believe someone would take the time to consider this news. The club should be shut down not only for being the most unsafe gun range in Maine but also terrible PR.

    • Pinetree North

      No sale.

  • Pinetree North

    Thanks for doing the right thing with the bees, Spurwink! The shooting range has been there more than 60 years, and they do a great job. It’s a wonderful longtime institution. The whiny neighbors should sue the developers who sold them the houses without due notification.

    • beachmom H

      I don’t get those people. Hey, I like this house! There’s a gun range in the neighborhood?
      Great. I’ll move in and whine and whine and whine until it’s gone.