Blue Angels not entertainment, send wrong message

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Having just suffered through four days of extreme noise, vibrations and pollution from the air show, I urge that we declare this as the last one in Brunswick. I pay taxes here and believe I have a right to a certain level of peace and health. And I don’t believe that military formation flying is sporting entertainment. War planes are just what they are – tools of war.

Whatever the touted benefits of the show – entertainment or economic gain – they are far outweighed by damaging health consequences, whether we acknowledge them or not. Letting our kids think that military flying is “fun” is likely the most dangerous game of all. Perhaps some of our veterans or our refugees from Iraq and Syria could speak this truth to power.

Let’s find another way to bring visitors to Brunswick.

Sue Stableford


  • Queenie42

    Agree 100%. Thank you, Sue.

  • Charles Martel

    Boo Hoo. There were at best a dozen protesters at the show who were left over 60’s hippies. Their signs read, “Make Peace, Not War”, “War is Not the Answer” and “Reduce the Navy’s Environmental Footprint” and so on. Yet, the event drew close to 50,000 patriotic Americans but who who got much of the attention by WGME, for example?

    Why don’t we arrange for these like-minded peace-nik tools to meet with Kim, Jong-Un, Ayatollah Khamenei, al-Baghdadi (if he’s still alive), Xi Jinping or Putin himself. They can burn incense, drink some green tea and play John Lennon’s “Imagine” and see where that leads them.

    • Queenie42

      Naw. We’ll leave the meet and greet with world tyrants up to Trump. He speaks their language. $$$$$$$$$$$

      • Charles Martel

        As with Sussman & Poliquin, Sussman’s money is good money; Poliquin’s is bad money. Likewise with Soros and Trump.

        I know it’s a pittance in the whole scheme of things, but Trump did not take a salary, but NerO did. Gore was worth about $2m when he became VP. What’s he worth now $200m? The Clintons made $230m after leaving the WH. I can go down the list of corrupt Democrats.

        Here’s an interesting 17 min. video if you have an attention span that long:

  • Ted Markow

    Interestingly, my rather conservative brother-in-law is here from “away” and he likes air shows, believing them to be patriotic. While the Blue Angels were making their wide “advertising” loops during the days leading up to the show, he commented “Well, Ted, there goes another year’s worth of heating oil,” and “Can you imagine what jets like those sound like to people on the receiving end?” All said without a hint of irony.

    I, for one, am glad the jets are gone.

  • Chew H Bird

    I wanted to have a world class sanctioned drag strip instead of an airport…

  • Charles Martel

    “Even in peacetime the GUSM operates in a great variety of ways. For example, the Soviet Union derives much benefit from the activities of Western pacifists.” -“Spetsnaz”, The Inside Story of the Russian Special Forces by Viktor Suvorov, pg. 158, c1988.

    In other words, the Soviet Union may have collapsed but communism is not dead (as evidenced by the comrades writing for the Press Herald). Russia uses the useful idiots in the peace movement to further their agenda. No one in the Red Army ever worried about THEIR military footprint. Deception and disinformation are and will always be their stock-in-trade while gullible pacifists continue to whine.