Beem off base about Bernie

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Didn’t think it likely that I’d disagree with Beem, and I normally enjoy reading his column. But this time, I not only disagree, I must insist that he is flat-out wrong about not endorsing Bernie “because there is too much at stake.” To back that assertion up, he says Bernie is a single-issue candidate – economic justice. Well, Edgar, it is clear that you did not go hear Bernie in July in Portland, or read any of his hour-long speeches in full, or you would know that economic justice is only his starting point. From there he goes on to the importance of education, of people being able to actually live on what they earn, of the dangers of our old and failing infrastructure, of racial and sexual inequality, and so on, until he builds to his last and most important point: that if we don’t tackle climate change, all of the above is moot. Now explain to me again how all of that is only one issue. What he has is ideas and principles so coherent and so tied to each other that, if you weren’t paying attention, you might think it a single thing. You’d be wrong. As you are.

Dr. Gale Greenleaf