Be heard

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President Obama has indicated in numerous speeches that it is the responsibility of citizens to take part in the democratic process by speaking out about what matters to them. In fact, his administration created a Web site to collect our feedback. I think it is crucial that we take his mandate seriously and let our political leaders know what our vision is for the 21st Century.
An excellent opportunity is open on Friday, April 3, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at the University of Southern Maine’s Hannaford Hall in Portland, where a Town Hall Meeting on the Economy, Health Care, War and the Environment will give us a chance to share our ideas and values for systemic change with our congressional and state leaders. Attendees will have three minutes each to speak.
It is important that our political leaders are aware of the large number of citizens that support a new path – health care for all, energy independence, green jobs for all sectors of our society, reversing climate change, non-violent approaches to conflict (is increased military intervention the answer in Afghanistan?) and more.
If our politicians know we are prepared to work tirelessly and fearlessly, side by side with them, to enact an agenda that will sustain planet earth and its people and not the bottom line of corporate America, they will be able to take the bold steps necessary to make a new world
possible. I hope to see you on April 3.

Karen Wainberg