AH Grover plan is a good fit for North Yarmouth

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I am writing in support of the upcoming June 14th vote on the North Yarmouth selectmen’s plan. The plan put forth by AH Grover is an excellent compromise and appears to address most of the concerns raised by our town residents.

For an out-of-pocket cost of $500,000, the town is projected to receive an annual tax revenue stream of $180,000 per year. That’s a good deal.

The Sharpe’s Field will be permanently maintained, as previously agreed to by the town. This is an important practice field for our local lacrosse programs.

Finally, we have an excellent local private developer, AH Grover, in charge of this project. You can bet this project will come in on time and probably under budget. North Yarmouth is ill-equipped to develop this project on its own.

Vote yes on June 14.

Tim Rafford

North Yarmouth

  • Steve Morrison

    Yes, I agree, the developer is fine. It is the “plan” that is problematic. A real plan would include town office space, and a sensible plan would put that space on the same site with other town buildings. A fiscally responsible plan looks down the road, and holds on to property that will be needed and used for multiple purposes more essential to the town than private housing. A community-oriented plan will eventually address the needs of the seniors who really need help staying in North Yarmouth. Until we have a plan that reflects the citizenry more than the wishes of development proponents, voting NO is the only choice.

    Steve Morrison
    North Yarmouth

  • Watchful Eye

    So get ready. The proponents of development to increase our population in this town ought to be aware of something. Mabel Wilson Elementary is now in the process of finding space for a kindergarten and third grade class expansion. With Cumberland growing their town through development you have to know the SAD 51 campus is going to need to expand. Grab your ankles.

    I agree with anybody that wants to vote no on this proposal. It is shortsighted in implementation. It does not take into account a dwindling tax base as opposed to the pressure the SAD is going to have in the future. Senior housing? Really? No senior will be able to afford this town. There’s just not enough facts to go forward and not enough expertise to guide this project as it is now.